West End Waterfront Master Plan & Trail Design Study

Town of Grimsby
  • Trail Master Plan: 224 hectares (90 acres)
  • Mixed Use-High Density Plan: 28 hectares (69 acres)
  • 3.6 km of shoreline
  • 54,187 sq.m employment (office, commercial, retail)
  • 144,000 sq.m residential

SGL, in collaboration with thinc design landscape architecture, North-South Environmental and N. Barry Lyon Consultants, was retained by the Town of Grimsby to undertake a master plan and trail design for its west end waterfront area. The West End Waterfront Master Plan and Trail Design Study is intended to assist the Town of Grimsby in the implementation of a future lakefront trail system and a mixed-use high density urban development. The West End Waterfront Vision strengthens the area’s recreational connections and access to Lake Ontario as well as guides the development of new neighbourhoods with a strong sense of place and character.

The study area is located in the northwest quadrant of the Town of Grimsby, bordering Hamilton, within an area identified as the Winston Road Neighbourhood. The study area is bounded by the Fifty Point Conservation area to the west, the Regional Water Treatment Plan to the east, the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) to the south and Lake Ontario to the north.  The study area is approximately 224 hectares (90 acres) in size with approximately 3.6 km of shoreline.

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