Glen Abbey Redevelopment Master Plan

Town of Oakville

93ha (229ac)

located adjacent to Sixteen Mile Creek Valley Lands system

3,222 new residential units

68,000sf retail

107,500sf office

34.3 6ha natural environmental areas

11ha parks and open space

Situated within a largely 70's residential suburban context composed of large single detached residential lots, this project provided a unique challenge in creating a more sustainable and more urban development. The Glen Abbey Master Plan Visioni was based on the intent to deliver a sustainable, pedestrian friendly, mixed-use neighbourhood that puts forward neighbourhood Master Planning best practices to address Provincial, Regional, and Municipal growth directives. Key components of teh proposed redevelopment of the  Glen Abbey Golf Club visoin include conservation, place making, compatibility, walkability, variety, connectivity ,transit supportive, safety, and livability.


The Neighbourhood Master Plan used the dramatic Sixteen Mile Creek Valley setting to create the backdrop for the creation of a unique neighbourhood that is comprised of a distinct, vibrant and urbanized centre adjacent to a valley system. Three residential sub-neighbourhoods or "Villages", a core mixed-use district, and an extensive interconnected parkland open space and active transportation system encompass the main features of the neighbourhood. 

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