Brampton's Riverwalk Master Urban Design Plan

City of Brampton

SGL was retained by the City of Brampton to conduct an Urban Design Study and prepare a Master Plan for the Brampton Riverwalk Project, in collaboration with Matrix Solutions and FORREC. 

Located along Brampton’s Central Area portion of the Etobicoke Creek, the Riverwalk System is poised to become downtown Brampton’s open space destination to include a range of active and passive recreational amenities complemented by institutional and mixed-use redevelopment opportunities.  SGL’s work included a planning policy and urban design review as well as an analysis of the study area’s character districts, urban structure, and public and private realm conditions.  This analysis informed the development of urban design concepts for a recreational Riverwalk trail system, open space master plan and infill and revitalization of the built form abutting the river.

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