Town of Pelham East Fenwick Secondary Plan

Town of Pelham

SGL has been retained to prepare the East Fenwick Secondary Plan for the Town of Pelham, in collaboration with Associated Engineering, Archaeological Services Inc. and Matrix Solutions. 


The Plan aims to establish the land use planning strategy for the future development of the East Fenwick area, and will provide a long-term East Fenwick Vision.  This Vision is accompanied by the land use policy and urban design framework necessary for its implementation.


Foremost to this study is the comprehensive public consultation strategy used to reach out to the entire community.  This strategy included the facilitation of three workshops, elementary and high school class presentations on the study, the development of a community comment board, our team’s presence at a local festival, and two Council update meetings.


Based on the extensive public outreach, the plan’s vision is set to deliver a sustainable, pedestrian friendly neighbourhood that puts forward Neighbourhood Master Planning best practices to address growth directives at Provincial, Regional, and Municipal levels.  Key directives include placemaking, walkability, connectivity, and transit supportability.


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