Toronto,Apartment Infill Development

Private Developer

SGL was retained by the owner of the proposed development to be a par t of a team of inter- disciplinary consultants working collaboratively on the submission of a Zoning By-law Amendment application to facilitate the development of a new apartment building on an infill site that currently contains a 30 storey apartment building. SGL prepared a planning justification report, draft Zoning By-law Amendment and Community Services and Facilities Study. SGL also coordinated the submission of the application and supporting documents on behalf of the project team. SGL is currently leading the team of consultants through the process of responding to comments received from the City and agencies. While the application was being prepared, SGL also monitored and provided comment to the City on a City-led Character Study for the area. Though it is not expected to go that route at this time, SGL is prepared to defend the application at the LPAT, and is considering the LPAT requirements and new processes in all written material submitted to the City

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