Official Plan Review

Town of Grimsby

SGL, together with a team of consultants completed the Official Plan Review for the Town of Grimsby.  One of the key issues was establishing policy that will ensure appropriate transition and compatibility of new greenfield development and infill with existing established neighbourhoods.  A series of design policies and criteria were incorporated into the Official Plan.  Policies for new development blocks and lots, general built form, and location of buildings to reinforce the road, land, and block pattern were established.  In addition, detailed compatibility criteria were included in the land use policies, with specific sets of criteria for stable residential neighbourhoods, single and semi-detached dwellings within Designated Greenfield Areas, townhouses and ground-related multiple unit dwellings, mixed-use areas, and for apartment buildings.

SGL Planning also undertook the Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review, translating these design policies into zoning provisions to ensure implementation.

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