Official Plan Review & Growth Management Study

Town of Innisfil

SGL, together with a team of consultants, completed a Growth Management Study and Official Plan Review for the Town of Innisfil.  This study included a detailed review of all sites with intensification potential.  Nine growth options were developed and comprehensively evaluated.  A series of public workshops and information meetings were held throughout the process. 

The growth work culminated in a comprehensive new Official Plan that implemented the Provincial Policy Statement 2005 and the Greenbelt Plan, and included detailed urban design, heritage, agriculture, natural heritage system, employment conversion and intensification policies. 

SGL worked with the Town of Innisfil to implement Bill 51 and the Growth Plan through modifications to the approved Official Plan.  Key issues were intensification, policy directions for the extensive unserviced and partially serviced shoreline, agricultural, specialty crop and rural planning policies, and employment land provision and targets.

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