Municipal Comprehensive Review & Secondary Plan

City of Brantford

SGL has been retained by the City of Brantford to conduct a Municipal Comprehensive Review and Secondary Plan for the area within the Boundary Adjustment, as part of its new Official Plan. 

This two-part Municipal Comprehensive Review included as the first part an intensification strategy, employment strategy, and housing strategy as well as a Land Needs Assessment according to the Province’s recently released methodology. The Part 1 MCR report requested an alternative intensification target and designated Greenfield density target. Part 2 MCR is currently evaluating options for settlement expansion based on the land needs recommendations of Part 1.

Upon completion of the MCR, a detailed Secondary Plan will be completed for the area to be brought into the urban boundary of the City. This process will identify land use designations servicing and transportation options for the Secondary Plan lands.

Finally, the City’s Draft Official Plan will be revised to incorporate all of the work completed, including land use designations for the Secondary Plan, land use designations for the rural/agricultural lands, as well as revised growth management, natural heritage, servicing, phasing and other policies.


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