Merton Study Official Plan Amendment

Town of Oakville

SGL was retained by the landowners to act as lead planner and project manger leading a team of inter-disciplinary consultants working collaboratively with the Town of Oakville on the Town-initiated Merton Planning Study.  The subject lands, located north of the QEW and east of Bronte Road, represent one of the largest sites for intensification located well within the Town of Oakville’s built boundary.   As part of the study a number of technical studies were completed, which in turn informed the development, and evaluation of numerous tertiary plan options.  The plan proposed a range of densities and uses to create a compact, walkable, sustainable, and complete community.

While the Merton Tertiary Plan is still pending approval, SGL was retained by the landowners to prepare a draft plan, as well as Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment applications, for a portion of the area covered by the Merton Tertiary Plan.

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