Lefroy Secondary Plan Peer Review

Town of Innisfil

The Lefroy Settlement Area in Innisfil was designated as an area to which significant population growth would be directed. The Official Plan set an anticipated increase in population of approximately 5,945 persons. SGL and its multi-disciplinary team, including North-South Environmental and LEA Consulting, were retained by the Town of Innisfil in 2007 to peer review two competing secondary plans prepared by landowners for the Lefroy Settlement Area.

After identifying critical issues with both secondary plans, SGL and its consulting team prepared an alternative blended secondary plan. A lengthy OMB hearing was successfully avoided by working collaboratively with landowners to create a blended Secondary Plan, which incorporated input from landowners, the Town, the peer review team and agencies. Paul Lowes presented the blended plan as a settlement to the OMB. Of the many issues dealt with, key issues were flooding, parkland provision, school locations, transition to existing residential areas, and protecting and revitalizing the existing commercial core.

Paul Lowes was project manager and team leader for this project. SGL and its consulting team were subsequently retained to peer review four draft plan of subdivisions covering the entire secondary plan area.

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