Beeton Heritage Conservation District Study

Town of New Tecumseth

SGL aided ASI in the delivery of a comprehensive public engagement strategy, delineation of an appropriate HCD boundary and the development of land use policy recommendations in the potential implementation of Beeton’s Heritage Conservation District. Policy recommendations were based on the Town’s desire to retain a distinct identity based in the architectural, historical, cultural, social, economic, and political factors of the Town while managing growth.

The heritage conservation district study was undertaken to establish a land use and heritage conservation policy background document used to determine the feasibility of creating a HCD under the Ontario Conservation Act in Beeton.

Integral to the study was the development of a comprehensive public outreach campaign which included the creation of a new “Beeton HCD” branding campaign, a community comment board, the development of posters and informational material placed throughout the downtown area and used at local festivals, an on-line survey, a series of landowner’s interviews and two public meetings. The collaboration and outreach process also included working with the selected Steering Committee and Town staff.

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