Soper Springs Secondary Plan

SGL has been retained by the Municipality of Clarington to undertake the Soper Springs Secondary Plan. The study area, approximately 186 hectares in size, is located between Liberty Street North in the west and Lambs Road in the east. It extends from Concession Road 3 in the south to the Urban Boundary in the north. The Environmental Protection Area associated with the many forested tributaries of the Soper Creek dominates the landscape in this Secondary Plan area. SGL is working with a team to undertake a Secondary Plan process that focuses on affordability, sustainability and urban design, and seamlessly integrates the planning and Environmental Assessment process. The study’s scope of work will consist of 4-phases, in collaboration with TMIG, the preparation and evaluation of alternative land use concepts, selection of a Preferred Land use concept and ultimately preparation of the Secondary Plan policies, urban design guidelines, and a zoning by-law.

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