Uptown Core

Town of Oakville
Images courtesy of The Planning Partnership

110 ha (271 ac)
22,000 Residents - 7,700 Dwelling Units
3,000 Employment Opportunities - 50,000 square metres Office Space (aprox)
99,000 square metres Retail (aprox)

While at The Planning Partnership, Ute Maya-Giambattista acted as the project manager and urban designer in charge of this project.

The Uptown Core Plan provides the Town of Oakville with an updated vision, guiding principles and objectives that resulted in two important implementation tools – a detailed Urban Design Plan and a new Secondary Plan. Building on the original Official Plan vision for the area, social, economic and environmentally sustainable urban design principles were incorporated into the new vision with an Urban Design Plan that demonstrated the appropriate scale and nature of development that may take place.

Key urban design components reflected on the Plan include:

  • The re-introduction of the original street and block pattern to the area's mixed use retail core as a strategy for future intensification of the existing large scale retail uses;
  • A block by block built form analysis that provided insight into the potential future population and services to be accommodated in the area;
  • The integration of a phased transit strategy that allowed the area’s transit node to be intensified throughout time;
  • The analysis of appropriate massing and building heights along it’s edges; and,
  • The integration of a series of interconnected public and semi-public spaces, including the Uptown Core plaza and memorial, at its centre, as key place making opportunities.
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