Perhuskovo Community

Greater Moscow Area, Russia
Images courtesy of The Planning Partnership

90ha (222 ac)
5,400 Dwelling Units

One of the largest private real estate firms in the Moscow area commissioned the master planning and accompanying design guidelines of five distinctive communities ranging in size from 80 to 1,300ha.

Illustrated here is the Perhuskovo Community located approximately 30 kilometres from the centre of Moscow.  The community supports transit by locating higher densities and mixed uses in close proximity to the existing train station but also strives to deliver a new centre or community focal point for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.

The principle of delivering a sense of place is clearly stated by locating the main boulevard approach to the station through the development to provide an axial view of the historic church adjacent to the site.

While at The Planning Partnership, Philip Weinstein and Ute Maya-Giambattista managed the project and designed the community.

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