North of Shellard Neighbourhood and Recreation Plan

City of Brantford
Images courtesy of The Planning Partnership

94 ha (230 ac)
2,000 Residents – 680 Dwelling Units
200 Employment Opportunities (aprox)

While at The Planning Partnership, Ute Maya-Giambattista acted as the project manager and urban designer in charge of this project.

The Neighbourhood and Recreation Plan was developed for a portion of lands located within the southwest area of the City of Brantford; specifically, north of Shellard Lane within an area identified as "Neighbourhood Two" of the West of Conklin Secondary Plan area.  The area of approximately 94 hectares (230 acres), is comprised of agricultural land and numerous significant environmental features.  The process included the completion of a neighbourhood plan and a facility site design for a large recreational and institutional complex.

Ultimately, this study resulted in a Neighbourhood Master Plan and a Recreational Centre Master Plan and accompanying development and design guidelines to direct the development of the North of Shellard Community.

Key urban design components reflected on the Plan include:

  • The implementation of a vibrant neighbourhood through a land use strategy that transitions from higher density uses in its centre to lower density uses at its edges;
  • The delineation of a Main Street area as the core feature of the Village Centre and surrounding neighbourhoods;
  • The conservation and integration of the surrounding Greenland System and appropriate buffers;
  • The delivery of a complete active and passive open space program at the neighbourhood scale;
  • The integration of a sport's centre, high school, library and community centre into a series of pedestrian scaled interconnected buildings complex;
  • The recommendation of a coordinated recreational complex parking strategy based on the overlapping of its uses hours of operation; and,
  • The integration and extension of the existing trail system into the sports complex and neighbourhood area.
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