Mayfield West Community

Town of Caledon
Images courtesy of The Planning Partnership

445ha (1,099ac)
9,000 Residents - 2,800 Dwelling Units
180ha (444ac) Employment Lands

While at The Planning Partnership, Ute collaborated on the community design work and draft plan of subdivision documents.

As the largest growth initiative in the Town of Caledon, the Mayfield Community proposed an initial population of 9,000 persons and 2,800 dwelling units comprising a mix of low, medium and high density building forms as well as 180 hectares of employment lands.

The vision of a small town with a distinct village main street and supportive densities and cultural uses is reflected in the community's master plan.  The natural and rural environment of south Caledon is used to deliver a distinct village core surrounded by four neighbourhoods linked by a grid system of roads, as well as by linear green corridors connecting open space areas and parks through trails and natural features.

Key urban design components reflected on the Plan include:

  • A street and block pattern that delivers a compact transit supportive community;
  • A strong pedestrian environment;
  • A diverse range of housing options to support life cycle housing;
  • A diverse employment area that includes prestige and general industrial land uses and capitalizes on the extension to Highway 410 as a convenient access point;
  • The protection and enhancement of the unique environmental characteristics of the site; and,
  • The introduction of sustainable design initiatives such as strategically located backyard green corridor easements, to ensure that a well-designed community will become a lasting resource.
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