Kobyakovo Community

Greater Moscow Area, Russia
Images courtesy of The Planning Partnership

120ha (296 ac)
3,000 Residents (aprox)

Kobyakovo is a community approximately 50 kilometres north from the centre of Moscow. The site is located adjacent to an old dacha's settlement, a cemetery on the northern site boundary and a soviet era apartment complex to the west.

The master plan is composed of four distinctive neighbourhoods organized along a central collector road that links all neighbourhood amenity areas, a variety of residential densities located at key points where potential future transit could be located, and a medium sized commercial retail area to be supported by the proposed and existing community.  An existing arterial road bisects the community, providing key access points to the new community.

While at The Planning Partnership, Philip Weinstein was the Project Manager and urban designer in charge. Ute Maya-Giambattista was the urban designer.

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