Southwest Kitchener Community Master Plan & Land Use Evaluation

City of Kitchener
Image courtesy of The Planning Partnership

While at The Planning Partnership, Ute Maya-Giambattista acted as the manager and urban designer in charge of this project. The City of Kitchener required the development of a Community Master Plan for the largest remaining Greenfield area (approximately 430 hectares) including a candidate mixed-use corridor along Fischer Hallman Road, between Rockwood Road and Plains Road.

As part of the process various land use scenarios were investigated and analyzed based on established community design criteria.  The exploration of each land use scenario included, amongst other studies, the preparation of a Transportation Network Study and confirmation of requirements for infrastructure and community facilities such as parks, recreational uses, schools and cultural amenities as well as a commercial needs assessment.

The preferred Community Master Plan provided the basis for a subsequent secondary plan with the overall objective of delivering a complete community that is planned, designed and developed to be walkable, transit-supportive, and respectful of the natural environment.

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