Cornell Neighbourhoods Built Form Guidelines

City of Markham
Images courtesy of The Planning Partnership

The Cornell Community Design Plan establishes a plan in the form of maps; illustrations and written guidelines that will further articulate Cornell's character and community structure. While at The Planning Partnership, Ute managed and developed Cornell's neighbourhoods and centre built form guidelines. A great deal of the Cornell Community has already been built or is approved for development. The Community Design Plan focuses on those remaining lands that have not yet received final approvals or have yet to develop plans and policies for review as part of Markham’s approval process. This document will further articulate current Town planning policies to ensure that the Cornell's community structure and built form is consistent with the principles outlined in Cornell's Secondary Plan. The Guidelines provide development and design guidelines for the residential neighbourhoods within the Cornell community, and present urban design solutions by generating a set of 'codes' specific to distinct site development conditions within the community. The codes are comprised of the following built form elements: built form, building placement, density, accessory buildings, frontage, height, access, parking, and interface condition.


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