Eco-Tech Village

Town of Milton
Images courtesy of The Planning Partnership

64ha (158ac)
900 Dwelling Units - 2,400 Residents
6,000 square metres Employment Opportunities
1,000 square metres Retail

As an extension of the initial Eco-Tech Village Project undertaken in 2003 by the Town of Milton, the Region of Halton, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Eco-Tech Village was developed as a sustainable urban design demonstration plan that showcased a range of community to building scale energy conservation strategies. The plan served to test both the viability of these elements and future homeowner's awareness and acceptance of new technologies while educating the public in general on the long-term advantages of some of these elements.  

While at The Planning Partnership, Ute Maya-Giambattista developed sustainable community design alternatives that explored the introduction of passive solar gains, integrated open space/water harvesting systems, geothermal energy and urban farming as reflected in the illustrated master plan.


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