Windsor Hills Community

Grand Prairie & Midlothian, Texas
Images courtesy of The Planning Partnership

2,429ac (983ha)
5,000 Dwelling Units (aprox)
350,000 sf (32,515 sm) Retail

Windsor Hills is a 2,429-acre holding owned by Centurion American, partly in Grand Prairie ETJ (1,403.12 acres) and partly in Midlothian (1,025.68 acres).  The site is located approximately 18 miles south east of downtown Fort Worth and 23.2 miles south west of downtown Dallas on escarpment lands and has unique and dramatic scenic qualities.

The community has been designed with the highest regard for community design principles to create an outstanding unique and comprehensive city.

While at the Planning Partnership, Philip Weinstein and Ute Maya-Giambattista developed a master plan for a comprehensively planned new community for approximately 5,000 households grouped in six distinct "villages", served by a town centre, an employment area and the complement of urban facilities which can establish it virtually as an independent suburban community within the fabric of the edge communities of the Metroplex.


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