New Town of Lesnaya Polyana

Kemerovo, Russia
Images 1, 4-6 courtesy of The Planning Partnership

1,600ha (3,953ac)
7,000 Dwelling Units
42,000 square metres Retail

The proposed new satellite town of Lesnaya Polyana is to be located on a 1,600 ha site which lies on the east side of the Tom River approximately 6 kilometres from the centre of Kemerovo.

The site development potential is to accommodate between 6,000 and 7,000 dwelling units, which are, for the most part, single-family detached units in a form, which is most familiar to North America and virtually unique in Russia.

While at The Planning Partnership and in collaboration with a consultant team, Philip Weinstein developed a master plan for the new town that sets out the residential areas and their various forms of housing, the schools and other institutional uses such as day care and churches, the employment and commercial areas and the developed parkland as well as the areas to be left in their existing natural form for the town centre and surrounding neighbourhoods.

The Town, business and a sport centres are located along the site’s main north south spine.  The Town Centre site is located at the highest point of the site, in the tradition of classic town planning, on a site of approximately 36 ha along the main north south spine.  The fabric of the centre is made up of town housing with major buildings and uses located on its main street.

The Business Centre is a 20 hectares site intended to accommodate such employment uses as research industry, offices, transportation services and warehousing.

The 10 hectares Sports Centre is intended to serve a regional function with a range of facilities to include an Olympic scale pool, a 200-room hotel, a soccer stadium and a cross-country ski course.


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